Where did ‘Anasi’ come from?


Wondering what in the world ‘Anasi’ means? I’ll just bet you are.

Here at Anasi Business Solutions, we are big fans of Psych, a TV show that ran on USA Network from 2006-2014. This hilarious murder series portrays a somewhat unconventional small business started by two childhood best-friends under the guise that one of them is a psychic detective.

When Oakley and I decided to start this business, it felt oddly similar to Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster‘s crime-fighting venture since we have been friends since high school as well. Naturally, we wanted to pick a name for our business that would symbolize that friendship.

As any real Psych fan or ‘psycho’ will tell you, the symbol of a pineapple is iconic. Every episode contains an appearance from this tangy, tropical fruit.

So we looked up the translation of the word ‘pineapple’ in other languages, and in virtually ALL Indo-European languages, it’s ‘ananas’. Well, that doesn’t really roll off the tongue.

After changing a few of the letters, we searched ‘anasi‘ and found that it’s actually an Islamic name that means “friendly”, “kind”, or “one who brings comfort and peace to the mind”.

A friendly pineapple? We had to roll with it.